SolidThinking Activate v20161397 x64



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    SolidThinking Activate v20161397 x64

    Post  wskins on Sat Jun 25, 2016 4:50 pm

    SolidThinking Activate v2016.1397 (x64) | 201 MB
    solidThinking Activate enables product creators, system simulation and control engineers to model, simulate and optimize multi-disciplinary systems to ensure that all design requirements are successfully met while also identifying system level problems early in the design process.
    Activate's intuitive block diagram environment empowers users to rapidly build demonstrations of how real world systems function and easily try new ideas without any need to build prototypes.

    The first release of Activate 2016 provides the best-in-class, modern user experience including:
    - Model based development of hybrid systems
    - Hierarchical, parameterized multi-disciplinary modeling environment
    - Ability to mix signal-based and physical (Modelica) components in the same diagram
    - Easily extensible, built-in block libraries including library management
    - Model exchange or co-simulation through the Functional Mock-Up interface
    - State-of-the-art co-simulation with multi-body dynamics
    - Ease of compiling models into executable code

    Title: SolidThinking Activate v20161397 x64
    Size: 194.58 MB | Format: rar

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