MiniTool Photo Recovery 2001 Personal Commercial Enterprise Technician



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    MiniTool Photo Recovery 2001 Personal Commercial Enterprise Technician

    Post  wskins on Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:44 am

    MiniTool Photo Recovery Personal / Commercial / Enterprise / Technician | 22.1 Mb
    MiniTool Photo Recovery is a user-friendly and efficient piece of software that was developed to provide you with a simple method of regaining access to your intentionally or accidentally deleted pictures, while also supporting other media file types, including video and audio.
    High security, fast recovery efficiency and high praise.
    Powerful functions as well as simple operation.
    Scanning storage device via read-only, it will not do any harm to data.

    Recover all lost multimedia files in storage devices
    Supporting storage devices containing hard disk, mobile HD, SD card, USB flash disk, memory card, CD, etc.
    Supporting free photo recovery for Windows as well as video, audio and other multimedia file recovery.
    Free service of multimedia file recovery is provided for individuals.

    Recovery process
    Select the storage device where media file loss takes place ā†’ Fully scan the selected storage device ā†’ Seek for files to be recovered based on filter, preview or other ways ā†’ Check and recover needed files (Check all media files which need recovering and save them to other safe storage devices)

    Being more flexible, time-saving and accurate to find files to be recovered
    Setting: This function can help to set the types of files needing recovering before scanning. Targeted scan contributes to seeking data promptly and accurately.
    Filter: Filtering data to be recovered via parameters such as filename/extension and size so as to find files rapidly.
    Preview: Files less than 20M are available to preview. With preview, users can find desired data more accurately.
    Saving scan result automatically: being uncessary to rescan storage device, users can load previous scanning results and free recover lost photos directly.

    Title: MiniTool Photo Recovery 2001 Personal Commercial Enterprise Technician
    Size: 16.36 MB | Format: rar

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