Easy Video Sync Fixer 132 Portable



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    Easy Video Sync Fixer 132 Portable

    Post  wskins on Thu Jul 14, 2016 3:09 pm

    Easy Video Sync Fixer 1.3.2 Portable | 11.0 MB
    Easy Video Sync Fixer is a simple application capable of solving the problem of synchronization between the audio and video streams in a movie. Most video players enable you to apply a delay of the audio stream rendering, but that is far from being accurate and neither is it permanent. Easy Video Sync Fixer is capable of fixing this problem. It enables you to delay the rendering of either the audio or video stream. Thus you can stretch video or audio stream at the same time.
    This software can work with an one minute clip instead of the whole video to find the correct adjustment time. Once you have the video file fixed the way you like, you can apply the settings to the whole video.

    OS : Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
    Language : English

    Title: Easy Video Sync Fixer 132 Portable
    Size: 10.92 MB | Format: rar


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