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    GRAFster 7052

    Post  wskins on Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:38 am

    GRAFster | 3 Mb
    GRAFster7 is an easy to use charting and analysis application. Use it to quickly Description equities, indices, futures, mutual funds, currencies or any time series in a compatible data format. No need to be 'on line' all the time. New built-in free data downloader and updater. It offers most of the usual technical analysis indicators without being redundant, a few uncommon ones, and some for which you would have to pay plenty if it were not for GRAFster7.
    Why pay more? For just the cost of a round trip trade, avoid the hype, clutter and complexity - get charts fast without exposing yourself to feature shock. After all, the fundamental technical analysis tool is the ruler.

    - Select from line, bar or candlestick style charts.
    - Create custom settings for each of the 30 editable indicators/studies.
    - Apply unique chart and indicator settings for each symbol/ticker.
    - View multiple charts in any combination of symbol, indicator layout and time period.
    - Description the relative strength (ratio) of one symbol/ticker to another.
    - Create custom chart layouts for instant retrieval as a Chart Group.
    - Use your Favorites list to quickly parse only the charts you want with one keystroke.
    - Scroll thru charts back and forth one or more bars at a time for instant replays.
    - Place 1, 2 or 3 non-overlay indicators below the price chart.
    - Copy and paste chart images, or save them in popular image formats.
    - Draw Trend Lines, Channels, Andrews Pitchforks and Fibonacci retracements.
    - Predict reversals with two scarce price pattern techniques created by a respected analyst.
    - New Type a symbol/ticker and instantly retrieve and chart the latest EoD price data.

    Title: GRAFster 7052
    Size: 2.38 MB | Format: rar

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