Quick File Renamer 47



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    Quick File Renamer 47

    Post  wskins on Sun Aug 21, 2016 8:15 pm

    Quick File Renamer 4.7 | MacOSX | 8.4 MB
    A simple and safe file renaming solution for everyone, with a beautiful Retina interface!
    Rename your photo collection using meaningful names. Organize your MP3 or iTunes music library with artist, song, album and track numbers. Access the EXIF metadata in your digital photography and use it to name your files.

    Simply browse for files, use our wildcard search, or drag and drop them into the app!

    Renaming is fast and you see your changes as you type. "Simple Mode" allows you to use easy presets to change the file name, rename music files, rename with EXIF photo data and more. "Advanced Mode" gives you precise control with the following actions:

    Change file name
    Remove file name
    Add sequential numbers with zero padding
    Replace text
    Change case
    Add prefixes
    Add suffixes
    Insert dates (file creation, file modification, custom)
    Change extension
    Insert Audio Metadata (MP3 and AAC)
    Insert Photo Metadata (Exif)
    Make uppercase
    Make lowercase
    Make titlecase
    Regular Expres​sion(RegEx) search and replace

    Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or later
    Title: Quick File Renamer 47
    Size: 8.46 MB | Format: rar


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