Create Animated 2D Characters with Unity



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    Create Animated 2D Characters with Unity

    Post  wskins on Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:01 pm

    Create Animated 2D Characters with Unity
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    Game developers can learn how to create Fully-Animated Characters in Unity, ready for use in your 2D Platformer Game

    This course provides a full guide on creating animated 2D characters in Unity.

    There are 2 main techniques of animating 2D characters: frame-based and bone-based. We will create a fully functional 2D character with each of these methods. You will learn how to bring your 2d characters to life by making them move and jump around in the scene.

    The material in this course is divided into 4 Sections. Section 1 features a short introduction to the course.

    In Section 2 we will focus on frame-based technique. You will learn a lot about spritesheets. We will go through all the stages of working with spritesheets from their creation to slicing and creating animations for our characters in Unity from sliced images. We will create a simple script that will let us control our character in the scene. Frame-based workflow is mostly used with pixel art characters and in all the other cases when you have the art for your character's animations arranged in separate frame images.

    In Section 3 we will switch to a more advanced bone-based approach. You will learn how to manage animated characters that are assembled from separate body parts. Using bone-based approach will let us customize our characters by adding facial features and clothing items to them. It also offers a lot of flexibility because you can come up with new animations for your character in the middle of your game's development. In this Section we will create a fully animated bone-based character that we can dress up in the next Section of this course.

    In Section 4 we will cover character customization. I have prepared 2 clothing kits and we will try them on our bone-based character model from the previous Section. You will learn how to change movement velocity and animation speed of any given Animator state of your character. Several lectures will be dedicated to making our bone-based character jump. We will use an interesting technique of creating multiple jump animations and showing them through a Blend Tree in Unity. You will learn an easy way to create one way platforms in Unity.

    I have tried to save the project that I was working in as often as I can so that you can easily pick up the material from any point in this course.
    Title: Create Animated 2D Characters with Unity
    Size: 433.73 MB | Format: rar

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