Popular PHP Scripts AiO 2016 R1



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    Popular PHP Scripts AiO 2016 R1

    Post  wskins on Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:03 am

    Popular PHP Scripts (AiO) 2016 R1 | 6.5 MB
    PHPSi (All-in-One) is not just limited to Popular PHP Scripts (WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal) Mass Installer, Cloner and Manager, it's so much more..
    Before reading the full features of the software, please; always keep in mind PHPSi (All-in-One)

    Supports Multiple Web Hosting Accounts, Servers and there is no limit, as well works with any web control panel
    Fully Automatic Installation Supports Unlimited cPanel Hosting Accounts and Multiple Servers
    Supports both cPanel HTTP (Port 2082) and HTTPS (Port 2083) even if your server has or not Default Security SSL Untrusted Certificate or Invalid Certificate
    Supports Primary, Add-On and Sub-Domain Unlimited Domains per cPanel Account
    If you have cPanel based web hosting then the software will automatically create sub-domain, database etc.
    If you don't have cPanel based web hosting then you can use 'Installation via FTP Method' which supports every Unix/Linux Web Hosting

    PHPSi (All-in-One) First Tools Set Features Summary

    The Software's first batch of tools are known as WPDesktop (All-in-One), these tools already have over five years of success, used by many thousands and satisfied customers all over the world and now we expanded with more features in PHPSi (All-in-One)

    WordPress Mass Blog Installer and Cloner
    Install Multiple Blogs
    Install Unlimited WordPress Blogs with the Latest Version, Theme and Plug-ins etc.
    Clone / Duplicate / Migrate Pre-Installed and Fully Configured WordPress Blog to New/Existed Unlimited Domains / Sub-Domains / Sub-Folders etc.
    Create and use your own customized wordpress.zip for installation
    Setup Blog Information, First Post and up to 10 Pages in advance
    Setup Unlimited Blog Categories in advance
    Setup Unlimited Blog External Web Sites or Page Links (Blogroll) in advance
    Setup WordPress Administration Area (Setting Options) in advance
    WordPress 3.x Multi-Site, table prefix and language etc. Options setup in advance
    WordPress Security Keys and Salts option
    Multiple WordPress Blogs Manager
    Manage Unlimited WordPress Blogs
    Backup and Download all Blogs (Files/Folders/Database etc.) to your Computer in ZIP Format
    Check all Blogs Latest Statistics which includes (Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags, Comments,
    Plugins and Current Theme etc.) in the same window
    Change all Blogs Password to New Password
    Upload Unlimited Plug-ins and 9 Themes in ZIP Format from your computer
    Upgrade Unlimited Blogs Plugins to the latest version directly from WordPress.ORG
    Upgrade Unlimited Blogs Themes to the latest version directly from WordPress.ORG
    Update all your WordPress Blogs to the latest version directly from WordPress.ORG
    Article Creator
    Create New Articles from single Article using Content Spinner or you can also use your already Spun-Formatted Hi Article and Generate Unlimited Articles.
    Get more than 200 Article Title Ideas!
    Get Author Name by Gender, this tool has over 480 million random names.

    OS : Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
    Language : English

    Title: Popular PHP Scripts AiO 2016 R1
    Size: 4.63 MB | Format: rar


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