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    MusicDevelopments RapidComposer 29 Portable

    Post  wskins on Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:28 am

    MusicDevelopments RapidComposer 2.9 Portable (x64) | 63 MB
    RapidComposer is a complete solution for music composers, both amateurs and professionals. It is a comprehensive software that offers you advanced tools for score composing or editing. With its preview tool you can listen to your creation as you compose it. RapidComposer is a unique, non-destructive, phrase-based music composition software.
    RapidComposer Features:
    - Core functionality: creating, editing, generating phrases, phrase and rhythm generators, variations...
    - VSTi 2.4 and soundfont (.SF2) support
    - Sophisticated MIDI CC editing and recording
    - Audio tracks
    - Standalone and VST version (both for Windows and OS X)
    - Melody Generator
    - Articulations that can be assigned to phrases and individual notes
    - Idea Tool to generate a multitrack composition based on your rules
    - Phrase Morphing is a unique feature not found in other applications
    - Unlimited tempo and signature changes in the composition

    What's new in RapidComposer 2.9:
    - Harmonization of melody using two different algorithms.
    - Brand new VST plug-in which communicates with the application through a bridge
    - The new note inspector lets you conveniently edit the properties of multiple notes, with several transformations on selected notes
    - Improved rhythm editing
    - New variation: 'Simplify Phrase' to make the rhythm simpler of any phrase
    - New variation: 'Adjust Note Lengths v2' for fine control of note lengths, even with envelopes
    - New variation: 'Add Chord Notes' which is similar to 'Add Interval' but adds only chord notes
    - New variation: 'Extract Rhythm'
    - Ghost copies can be moved to other tracks. This opens new possibilities in the program.
    - It is possible to specify the length of the rhythm to allow rhythmic repetitions for longer phrases.
    - 'Join Notes' has a new option to inhibit joining notes at chord boundaries
    - 'Add Interval' offers interval of 'second'
    - New note mappings: 'Bass notesemitones' and 'Bass notescale steps'
    - The application can send certain keystrokes to the VST host in VST bridge mode (see Settings / Miscellaneous)
    - It is possible to use 'Render Phrase With Variations' on absolute phrases.
    - Octave is not shown in chord names on the master track when using roman numeral notation
    - Chord inversion is displayed on the master track using less space to improve readability
    - New phrase generator preview button to play back all other tracks with the phrase
    - 'Apply' button is enabled when you edit a phrase from the phrase inspector
    - 'Add To Clipboard' button added in the phrase editor
    - Dragging the piano keyboard vertically and zooming (Ctrl-drag) works in the Phrase Editor and Phrase Inspector
    - The master track inspector opens when you right-click on the master track header
    - Pressing Shift during moving or resizing notes will ignore the snap setting
    - The Idea Tool has a new setting to leave existing track configuration untouched.\tThis means the instruments, variations and MIDI controllers will not be overwritten by the Idea Tool.
    - Note lengths are not expressed in beats anymore. Quarter note (1/4) is used as a 'beat'.
    - [VST] fix a crashing bug during MIDI import
    - Bug fix: the state of some VST plug-ins were not saved in the history (program change was not always detected)
    - Bug fix: a MIDI file importing problem when tracks with the same name and channel were treated as one track fixed
    - Bug fix: sometimes the window became very wide when the application started
    - Other fixes and increased stability

    Title: MusicDevelopments RapidComposer 29 Portable
    Size: 63.42 MB | Format: rar

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