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    Total Commander PowerUser 67 Portable

    Post  wskins on Mon Sep 05, 2016 4:06 pm

    Total Commander PowerUser 67 Portable | 268 MB
    The most powerful tool for system administrators and advanced users, which correctly picked the program and plug-ins. All this is a Total Commander is integrated into the shell.
    Exclusive differences from other assemblies TC:
    1. Own repository programs - Install additional software in the vehicle with a single click
    2. improved system - all found bugs promptly corrected and you will see a change in you already installed the assembly
    3. Automatic Update program - no need to wait for the new build new versions of software, upgrade the program with a single click
    4. The main criterion for the assembly - a maximum of functionality for every megabyte

    List of portable software

    7-zip - archiver with a high compression ratio [Alt F3 opens the file under the cursor]
    aBurner - recording discs. Supports multisession, extraction sessions. Record multiple copies of discs. Record AudioCD
    Accounts Tuner - setting some additional accounts Security Settings
    Actual Spy - the spy program (Trojan), covert surveillance computer dispatch report. Intercepts clipboard, keystrokes, make
    Ad Muncher - ad blocker, pop-ups, banners and other unwanted objects on web pages. Starting with the Shift program adds to startup, start with Alt removes
    Advanced IP Scanner - Network Scanner. Receiving information network devices
    AdwCleaner - helps you find adware and potentially unwanted software. Starting with Ctrl update program
    AIDA64 - all about computer stress tests and benchmarks. Starting with Ctrl update program
    AIMP3 - quality Russian audio player. Starting with Ctrl associates the player with audio files, start with the Shift cancels the [Alt F3 opens the file under the cursor]
    AMD Driver Downloader - Automatic search and download drivers from AMD
    Ammyy Admin Corporate - PC remote control, file transfer, voice chat (no more than 15 hours per month)
    AntiDupl - find similar pictures
    Antirun 2.3 - check removable drives autorun malicious files in real time izvlekalka convenient removable disks
    AnVir Task Manager - Startup Manager, processes, services and drivers. Replacing Task Manager. Starting with Ctrl update program
    AppCrashView - display information about all applications that have been shut down or emergency shut down
    AutoHideDesktopIcons - Auto Hide desktop icons when a user inactivity
    Autoruns - all that autostart system. You can manage the startup of an autonomous system
    AVSearch - search for text in files
    AVZ - combat SpyWare, AdWare, Dialer, BackDoor, Trojan very useful system of research and the Windows Recovery. Starting with Ctrl update program
    Back2Life - a safe, convenient and quick recovery of deleted data
    Beyond Compare - compare files or directories for content (Win F2 or Alt C)
    BlueScreenView - displays extended information about all the BSOD in the summary table
    BOOTICE - manipulation boot sectors with ample opportunities. Loading various OS, boot recovery
    BSOD - a collection of instructions for troubleshooting in the event of Blue Screen Of Death
    CarotDAV - client for FTP, WebDAV, OneDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive, SugarSync. Requires .NET
    CCleaner - removal of logs, temporary files, garbage in the registry. Uninstalling, overwriting with zeros. Starting with Ctrl update program
    CCProxy - powerful and compact proxy
    CDSlow - control the drive speed
    Check Flash - test of efficiency and speed. Edit, save and partition / drive / boot repair
    CherryPlayer - Audio / video player, radio, uploading / watching videos without Publicity from Youtube, FaceBook, 4shared audio, SoundCloud
    ChkDskGui - interface for the console utility Chkdsk
    CLCL - Clipboard Caching
    ColorConsole - more functional replacement cmd with support for tabs. Starting with Ctrl update program
    ColorMania - color codes
    ConvertFN - mass change coding
    ConvertXtoDVD 4.2 - Convert any video format compatible with DVD Video recording on disc
    CPU-Z - information on CPU
    CrystalDiskInfo - indications S.M.A.R.T. Power Management and Acoustic Mode
    CurrPorts - shows all the open ports on your computer, the closure of TCP-connections, the completion process
    DimScreen - dimming the screen
    DirectGRUB - GUI to create a bootable USB drive from the ISO podgruzku
    Directory Backuper - scheduler backup directory
    DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery - search, edit, and restore the information on the disks
    DNS Jumper - convenient switching DNS
    DomainHostingView - shows detailed information about domains
    DOSBox - emulator MS DOS (FAQ in the program folder)
    Download Master - download manager with automatic search of mirrors, downloading from YouTube, Scheduler, FTP Explorer (without Publicity)
    Dr.Web 6 Portable Scanner - attending an anti-virus scanner. Starting with the Shift check the file / folder under the cursor. Starting with Ctrl update program
    Driver Fusion - complete removal of the drivers, backup, restore. Requires .NET
    DVD Shrink - compression, removal of protection, editing and cutting DVD-movies
    EasyBCD - operating systems, download manager, create multi-boot
    Error Lookup - getting error in Windows information
    ERUNT - registry backup, you can automatically every time you boot
    Everything - (!) To instantly find files and folders on the PC [Shift F7]
    FileTypesMan - file systems and their associations change
    FileZilla Server - configuring, setting and monitoring of the FTP server. Starting with Ctrl update program
    FileZilla - FTP-manager for uploading and downloading files of FTP-servers. Starting with Ctrl update program
    Flash Drive Information Extractor - obtaining information on a flash drive
    FLV Extract - run, drag flv window. And in the folder where the flv, mp3 and avi appear
    Flying Windows - a set of useful tools. HELP in the program folder
    foobar2000 Merak Pack - compact assembly for the best audio player convenience. Automatic download from the Internet biography, cover, lyrics
    Foxit PDF Editor - PDF Editor
    FurMark - stress test and benchmark GPU
    Ghost Explorer - View and edit images created by the program Ghost
    Ghost - creation / cloning disks / partitions
    GIGATweaker - fine tuning of Windows 7
    GoldWave - multifunctional audio editor
    GPU-Z - information about the GPU, saving BIOS. Starting with Ctrl update program
    Greenfish Icon Editor Pro - icon editor with support for layers
    Hal - fast and convenient search for torrent files on the Internet
    Hardware Monitor Pro - all system sensors, including remote. Conclusion any parameter in the system tray
    HD Tune Pro - indications S.M.A.R.T. Diagnostics and Test HDD, SSD, RAID, Flash. Power Management and Acoustic Mode
    HDD Low Level Format Tool - low-level formatting
    HDD Scanner - shows the distribution of information on the disc / folder under the cursor
    HDHacker - preserve and restore MBR nat. disks, BootSector log. drive or any specified sector drives
    HDI - reading / writing HDD indicator
    HFS - creating a file HTTP-server
    Image Uploader - , upload images and other files to websites, including those from the clipboard. You can drag a file to the button
    Imagine [Animation Editor] - creation and editing of GIF, ANI-files
    Imagine - view, edit and convert graphic files. Starting with Ctrl associated with image files program, start with the Shift cancels the [Alt F3 opens the file under the cursor]
    IP-TV Player - IP-TV
    IPNetInfo - shows all the available information about the IP-address
    iSendSMS - sending sms and mms via the Internet. Starting with Ctrl update program
    KeePass Professional Edition - secure storage of passwords
    KiTTY - a modified version of PuTTY program
    Kremlin Decrypt - to decrypt a file or folder under the cursor
    Kremlin Encrypt - encrypt a file or folder under the cursor
    Kremlin Secdel - delete the file / folder under the cursor can not be restored (Win Shift F8)
    Kremlin Wipe - mashing the empty spaces for the inability to recover deleted data
    LanSpy - the program is designed to gather information on a remote host
    LanTalk.NET - does not require a server instant messaging for LAN
    MACAddressView - information about network adapters on their MAC addresses
    MikroTik WinBox Loader - configurator for RouterOS
    MiniTool Partition Wizard - Work with sections of the HDD and the Flash, partitioning, formatting, resizing
    mInstaller - creating installers
    Miranda IM - instant messaging program. Starting with the Shift will launch a database wizard. Starting with Ctrl update program
    MKey - assigning different actions to any keys and combinations thereof. Manage players, browsers, network connections. Starting with Ctrl update program
    Movavi Video Converter - convert audio / video, cut, watermarks on videos, etc.
    mp3DirectCut - editor of mp3 files without decompression
    MPC Home Cinema - Video Player. Starting with the Shift associated with video player, start with Alt reset all settings. Starting with Ctrl update program [Alt F3 opens the file under the cursor]
    MPR - reveals the passwords of more than 110 popular applications (FTP, E-mail clients, IM clients Internet, Browsers and so on.) Shows passwords hidden under asterisks. Password generator
    MSI Afterburner - overclocking GPU configuration and monitoring. Video recording of the games - Shift Alt W
    MsiTools - opens the file under the cursor
    MultiBoot - recovery of Windows Vista bootloader / 7 and you create a multiboot menu
    MultiDesk - add-on Windows remote desktop
    MusicWire - search and download mp3
    NetDrive - Mounts FTP, WebDAV as a local hard drive
    NetLook - alternative network environment, network scanner, navigation through shared resources and messaging
    NetRouteView - graphical shell standard Windows utility for managing routes
    NetSetMan - network configuration, creation of profiles with different settings, auto profiles. Starting with Ctrl update program
    NetVoice - instant messaging and voice communication in the network, the conference. It does not require a server
    NetworkTrafficView - display general statistics about network traffic
    NetWorx - traffic control and speed for all network connections. Starting with Ctrl update program
    NonStopCopy - copy from damaged media
    Noscript - on / off Windows Script Host
    Notepad - a text editor. Starting with Ctrl update program [Alt F3 opens the file under the cursor]
    NTFS Links - create hard or symbolic links on NTFS-partitions (HELP in the program folder)
    NVIDIA Inspector - information about their GPU GeForce overclocking and monitoring
    Open Hardware Monitor - all the sensors of the system. Conclusion any parameter in the tray. Requires .NET
    OpenWithView - change the items in the "Open With"
    Opera - the browser based on Chromium. Cut out and send auto-update statistics added Flash Player. Starting with the Shift will make Opera the default browser. Starting with Ctrl update program
    Orca - editor msi-installer (Windows Installer Package)
    PageDfrg - Registry defragmentation and paging file when loading a 32-bit Windows
    PE Explore - resource editor, a disassembler
    PE network manager - network configuration, change of MAC-addresses
    PhotoFiltre Studio X - editing
    PingInfoView - simultaneously a large number of ping remote addresses
    PlanMaker - spreadsheet, export to PDF [Alt F3 opens the file under the cursor]
    Pointofix - random , drawing on the screen, zoom on mouse wheel, etc.
    PowerOff - planner, timer, daily
    Process Explorer - process management, system information, log off. Replacing Task Manager
    Process Monitor - monitor file access to the registry, can filter on a specific program
    Pserv - manage processes, services, windows, launch drivers, uninstalling applications. Windows Event Log
    Punto Switcher - automatic switching keyboard layouts, keeping a diary (a la keylogger). When the clamped Shift start a diary. Starting with Ctrl update program
    PuTTY - Telnet and SSH client. Help in your program
    QemuBootTester - Easy virtual machine to check the boot images / flash drives
    QIP 2012 - communication protocols via ICQ, Jabber, Mail.Ru Agent, SIP, Ya-line. Runs in stand-alone mode. Starting with the Shift - normal mode. Starting with Ctrl update program
    QTranslate - translation of text using online translators, pronunciation, orthography. Transfer to allocate the mouse, as in Lingvo. Starting with Ctrl update program
    Quick BFC - convert bat to exe
    R-Studio - restore deleted files and corrupted partitions HDD, CD, Flash and RAID
    Rapid Environment Editor - Information about the system / user variables and editing. Starting with Ctrl update program
    RAR Unlocker - lift the ban on file change
    RAS Dialer - to connect to the VPN connection or PPoE
    RBTray - windowing
    RedButton - removal of logs, temporary files. Removing components OC tweaker. Already set to secure clearance. Starting with the Shift is similar to pressing the red button
    RegConvert - reg converts into bat and inf
    RegConvert - reg converts into bat, vbs and au3
    RegWorkshop - multifunction replacement regedit
    Remote Administrator - remote control for controlling the computer on it should be run Remote Administrator Server
    Restorator - Resource Editor in the dll, exe, ocx, etc.
    Router Scan - Search routers / routers in the network and bypass the authentication paths for younger models of D-Link, ASUS and others.
    Rufus - formatting, and create bootable Flash
    RunAsDate - creates an environment for programs to set time. It modifies the program, stopping for them
    S & M - stress test CPU, PSU and memory
    SafeMSI - time inclusion of Windows Installer in Safe Mode
    Sandboxie - runs the program so that any changes related to the use of these programs are stored in a "sandbox", which can be removed in the future
    SAS.Planeta - View and download satellite maps from Google services, Yandex, etc. Viewing downloaded maps without an internet connection.. Starting with Ctrl update program
    SCapture - recording a video file that is displayed on the monitor, creating
    ShellMenuView - changes in the context menu of files / folders in Windows Explorer
    Silent key finder - search for silent installation keys for distribution under the cursor
    Simple Port Forwarding - management of modem ports, routers (routers), redirect Internet traffic from one port to another
    Skype - Voice over the Internet between computers (VoIP). Starting with the Shift to add to the program startup. Starting with Ctrl update program
    SmartSniff - intercept and view TCP / IP-packets sent over the network adapters between client and server
    Snappy Driver Installer - install and update drivers
    SoftPerfect RAM Disk - the creation of a virtual disk in RAM
    SSD Mini Tweaker - Windows 7/8 setting for SSD with helpful and questionable optimizations
    Stamp - the creation of seals and stamps
    SumatraPDF - view pdf, djvu, xps, cbr, fb2, mobi, epub. Starting with the Shift associates program pdf. Starting with Ctrl update program [Alt F3 opens the file under the cursor]
    Super PI mod - CPU benchmark
    SysTracer - create registry snapshots, files, and compare them with each other
    TcpView - shows the open ports and the processes using an internet connection, with the possibility of their completion
    TeamViewer - PC remote control, presentation, file transfer, video chat (without advertising and time limits)
    Teleport VLX - full or partial download sites from the Internet while retaining all the internal structure of directories and files for later viewing offline
    TeraCopy Pro - repins (Win F5) file under the cursor to the opposite panel, resume support and other advantages (Win F6 to move)
    TextMaker - Editor document, spell check, export to PDF and EPUB [Alt F3 opens the file under the cursor]
    Tftpd32 - DHCP, TFTP, SNTP and Syslog servers TFTP client
    The Bat! - E-mail client with data encryption
    TinyPiano - piano keyboard
    Tireal TFT Test - Monitor test
    ToolTips Harvester - copying text pop-ups
    TrashReg - registry cleaning removal from the registry key defense programs Trial. Starting with Ctrl update program
    TrueCrypt - that creates an encrypted container (looks like an ordinary file mp3, avi, etc.), which can then be connected to a disk and store the information Logon Changer - Replacement Kartika at the logon screen and on the lock screen
    UFS Explorer - view file system (can be damaged), including Linux, MacOS, and data recovery
    UltraISO - recording discs. Understands the 35 image formats, mount, Ripping, create AudioCD, boot flash drives, format conversion of images [Alt F3 opens the file under the cursor]
    UNetbootin - loading CD / DVD ISO-disk images with Linux / BSD and the creation of these Live USB
    UninstallTool - more functional replacement of "Add or Remove Programs"
    Unlocker - unlock, rename, delete, move files and folders, the process employed, or have the incorrect name (scroll to the object)
    UoPilot - emulation of mouse and keyboard actions. Starting with Ctrl update program
    UPX Shell - packer executables
    Upx Unpacker - decompression protected UPX
    USB Disk Eject - Safely Remove USB drive
    USB Vaccine - protection against viruses stick with auto, by writing to non-removable flash files
    USBMaster - management information storage USB-devices (details on the menu "Help")
    uTorrent 2.0.4 - Client for the BitTorrent (P2P) networks. DHT patch. Advertising is cut. Ability to enable progressive download
    uVS - the fight against unknown viruses. Copes with Winlock. Recover the OS. Able to work with inactive OS. Starting with Ctrl update program
    Victoria - test, analysis and treatment of HDD (information on the F1)
    Virtual Panel - temporary panel, allows you to store reference files and folders that you often apply, and actually refer to them as regular files
    VirtualBox - create a virtual machine. You can run on the same computer multiple operating systems
    VirtualDub - video capture and processing. Wanted installed codecs
    Virus Total Upload - to send the file under the cursor on the site, where it will test 40 antivirus
    VKMusic - allows you to search, listen online and download music and videos from VKontakte, YouTube, Rutube and other sites
    VMT - stress test video memory GPU
    Volumouse - Sound Control, etc. with the mouse.
    WakeMeOnLan - including remote computer
    WifiInfoView - review of active Wi-Fi networks. For each found the network shows extended information
    WinContig - HDD and Flash defragmenter. It is able to selectively defragment files and folders. Starting with Ctrl update program
    WinDjView Extended - viewing djvu-files [Alt F3 opens the file under the cursor]
    10 Windows Firewall Control - protection against unwanted network activity, Internet access control applications. Starting with Ctrl update program
    Windows XP WPA-Patch - Activation
    WinHex - HEX-Editor
    WinRAR - functional archive. It works with locked files
    WinRoll - windowing
    WinSCP - SFTP graphical client protocols, SCP and WebDAV
    WinUpack - packer executables
    Wireless Network Watcher - showing who connected to your WiFi
    WirelessNetView - review of active Wi-Fi networks. For each found the network shows extended information
    Wise InstallTailor - creating an answer file in a msi installer for mst
    Word 97 - document editor
    WSAT - built-in computer performance evaluation on Windows 8 / 8.1
    X-Chat - IRC client. It supports parallel operation with multiple servers
    XP Tweaker - Setup Windows XP Vista and 7 partially
    XP-AntiSpy - tweaker system with an emphasis on off loopholes in XP / 2003 / Vista / 7.

    OS - Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10)

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    Title: Total Commander PowerUser 67 Portable
    Size: 267.8 MB | Format: rar

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