Chance at Romance 2013 Hallmark 720p X264 Solar



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    Chance at Romance 2013 Hallmark 720p X264 Solar

    Post  wskins on Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:09 am

    Chance at Romance 2013 Hallmark 720p HDTV X264 Solar | movie
    Samantha, a young woman, frustrated by her unsuccessful blind dates, stumbles into a photo exhibition and sees and likes the photographer. She writes him an email. However, the email is intercepted by the photographer's son, who uses his father's identity to arrange a date for his widowed father, because he does not like his father's blonde manager and fears that she could become his stepmother. The son invites Samantha, still in his father's name. When she arrives, the identity theft is, of course, uncovered, and an embarrassed Samantha turns around and tries to go home. But their fate may still have some unexpected twists and turns in stock for them.



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