My Father and the Man in Black 2012 -EiDER



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    My Father and the Man in Black 2012 -EiDER

    Post  wskins on Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:48 am

    My Father and the Man in Black 2012 DVDRip x264-EiDER | movie
    After the suicide of Johnny Cash's former manager, Saul Holiff, his estranged son, Jonathon, returns home. There, Jonathon learns from his mother that his father's personal records exist in storage. As Jonathon searches through them, he discovers much about his father's life of deferred dreams in London, Ontario until he became the manager of Johnny Cash. From there, Jonathon learns of his father's hectic life managing the erratic country star with his personal demons and moods and how the material success came with a profound cost of its own for Saul. In doing so, Jonathon gets a new perspective of a father who had his problems that he never fully conquered himself.



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