Andy Panda Mousie Come Home 1946 -SPRiNTER



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    Andy Panda Mousie Come Home 1946 -SPRiNTER

    Post  wskins on Mon Sep 19, 2016 8:59 am

    Andy Panda Mousie Come Home 1946 DVDRip x264-SPRiNTER | movie
    Andy and his dog, Milo, share their house with an obnoxious rodent who enjoys tormenting the two above anything else. Finally, the two decide the only way they can rid themselves of the pest is for the two to just plain move out. They pack their bags and move to a new house leaving the mouse behind. With no one to torment, the mouse decides life isn't worth living anymore and attempts to end it all until he finally discovers their new address, moves in with them, and resumes tormenting the two.



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