House Of Cards 1947 -SPRiNTER



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    House Of Cards 1947 -SPRiNTER

    Post  wskins on Mon Sep 19, 2016 1:25 pm

    House Of Cards 1947 DVDRip x264-SPRiNTER | movie
    In this film without sound, a man awakes disheveled in a rooming house. He stares out the window seeing children playing and a well-dressed man sitting on a chair in the middle of the street reading a newspaper and looking up at him. A headline describes the murder of a child. The disheveled man, whose face expresses fear and despair, leaves, going through the city, alarmed when anyone looks at him. A woman invites him to look through a public telescope. He does then keeps going. He climbs a hill. Two fencers appear; so does a jester. Is flight fruitless?



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