Pardon My Berth Marks 1940 -SPRiNTER



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    Pardon My Berth Marks 1940 -SPRiNTER

    Post  wskins on Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:03 pm

    Pardon My Berth Marks 1940 DVDRip x264-SPRiNTER | movie
    For ten years, Elmer has been an office boy at the Daily Chronicle, hoping to be a reporter. On a day when all the reporters are elsewhere and a hot tip comes into the paper, the city editor reluctantly gives the story to Elmer: he's to follow a society dame, Mary Cristman, on a train trip to Reno where she'll file for divorce from a local racketeer. Traveling with his parrot Clarisse, Elmer seems doomed to blow the story. Will he get the scoop and a permanent job, or will he forever empty wastebaskets?



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