Smart Photo Import 225



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    Smart Photo Import 225

    Post  wskins on Thu Sep 22, 2016 5:33 am

    Smart Photo Import 2.2.5 | 6 Mb
    Smart Photo Import is a small but flexible tool which helps you to manage your expanding digital photo collection. With Smart Import you can acquire photos from your preferred digital media device in a fast and effective way, organizing at the same time your pictures into folders on your computer. You choose the organizing criteria and the program does the rest. The import process is completely automatic. The program is able to use exif date informations to divide photos per each year, month or day of the shot.

    You can specify a subject for each import operation, as well as put your author signature in the imported file names. The software can handle not only your new digital shots from your camera, but also allows to reorganize any picture in any folder of your Pc. Just drag and drop the files and folders you wish to reorganize into the program's main window and then choose the organization criteria

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    Title: Smart Photo Import 225
    Size: 5.78 MB | Format: rar

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