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    Mediaspects DiaBass Pro 515101

    Post  wskins on Sun Sep 25, 2016 6:51 am

    Mediaspects DIABASS PRO | 96.9 Mb
    DIABASS PRO is a very comprehensive and powerful tool for diabetes analysis: in addition to the already comprehensive analysis options in the patients version, DIABASS PRO offers lots of extra features that help to facilitate everyday diabetological practices.


    comfortable patient administration.
    comfortable examination and analysis of metabolic settings
    Available databases can be extensively and automatically received
    integrated BDT/GDT interface
    QM and DMP: DIABASS PRO enables linking with DPV software
    The meter brought by the patient can be read easily on the PC
    Express and summarise values in a meaningful and clear fashion
    Using the device serial number, a meter can be allocated
    automatically to the patient
    Provide your patients with comprehensive documentation of their blood
    glucose values at the press of a button

    DIABASS PRO is a powerful software for diabetes documentation and analysis:

    In addition to the comprehensive functionality of the standard version, the PRO version also offers powerful tools that help to facilitate workflow of diabetes health care professionals.

    DIABASS PRO provides a comfortable patient administration.

    Existing database from other diabetes software (e.g. from CAMIT/COMPASS/ONETOUCH/PRECISION LINK/DIALOGUE/INTOUCH/ WINGLUCOFACTS) may be imported easily.

    With DIABASS PRO you may exchange patient data with a clinic database system, based on the implemented BDT/GDT standard.

    DIABASS PRO contains special functions to support DPV-software (a quality management tool for diabetes care), too.
    Data Transfer from meters

    Transfer data from patient's blood glucose meter and generate comprehensive charts, graphs and statistics on the fly. For you can assign a meter to specific patients, you only have to connect the meter and start data transfer. Depending on meter serial number, DIABASS PRO will automatically open the specific patient file.

    And the best: DIABASS PRP supports nearly all blood glucose meters available worldwide ! This means, that you only need one single software, to work with all these meters !

    Feel really free to choose the appropriate meter for your patients. In opposite to meter specific software, DIABASS PRO gives you the choice. It doesn't matter, wheter you prefer Roche, Ascensia, LifeScan or Abbott - together with DIABASS PRO, you may use it all within a common software environment.

    Comprehensive charts and worthful statistics

    DIABASS PRO is particularly designed to facialiate workflow of health care professionals.

    For example, use the instant print function to read a blood glucose meter and let immediately create a comprehensive report - without the need for any further interaction.

    In addition to the functionality of the standard version, DIABASS offers many other analysis and statistical functions, e.g. as following:

    Tabular data list (blood glucose, blood pressure)
    Tabular period overview (blood glucose, blood pressure)
    Histogram (blood glucose)
    Distribution analysis of hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia
    Additional display options (e.g. in a standard day)
    Additional display options (e.g. in a standard day)
    Additional display options (e.g. in a standard day)
    Additional display options (e.g. in a standard day)
    Additional display options (e.g. in a standard day)
    Additional display options (e.g. in a standard day)
    Additional display options (e.g. in a standard day)
    Custom print reports
    Enhanced printing reports

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    Title: Mediaspects DiaBass Pro 515101
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