Uniblue PrivacyKeeper 2016 312 Premium Portable



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    Uniblue PrivacyKeeper 2016 312 Premium Portable

    Post  wskins on Sun Sep 25, 2016 8:51 am

    Uniblue PrivacyKeeper 2016 3.1.2 Premium Multilingual Portable | 11.9 MB
    Is your personal data safe? Unless you protect your personal information, data like browsing history, passwords, chats, viewed videos, recently used files and other trace files are all prone to cybertheft. Check how much data could be wilfully accessed by others by running this free and safe scan...
    What does PrivacyKeeper do?

    The Problem:
    You probably browse the internet; shop online; chat with friends and family; and even share photos and other personal details online. However, do you know what happens to all that data once you switch off your PC? It remains there. From the most amateur of hackers to the countless tracking technologies available on the market, your personal information - if unprotected - can be accessed by anyone who really wants it. Unless you actively protect your privacy, personal information can be sold, stolen or misused without you even knowing until it might be too late.

    The Solution:
    PrivacyKeeper is all you need to keep your privacy as you probably want it - Private! It securely erases all your online and offline tracks and activities and ensures your PC is cleaned out of any data storage files which could be a target for third parties. You can either opt for a one-click easy clean which will remove all identified records or else select which tracks from your digital footprint you want to wipe out. PrivacyKeeper is your one-stop-shop to ensure that what you do online is only for you to know and not for sale in cyberspace.

    Main features:

    Clean personal records
    With PrivacyKeeper's deep scan, personal records and information found stored on your PC are listed for your review. If you choose to, all personal records can be swiftly and safely erased. However, you can also select to keep certain records and have PrivacyKeeper delete the rest.

    For maximum privacy, you can choose to have particular sites deleted as soon as you close the browser. Sandboxed sites are immediately erased from your browsing history the minute you close your browser, eliminating the need to delete them through the PrivacyKeeper application. This comes in extremely helpful when you use shared computers or want to ensure banking sites or adult sites are not seen by others.

    Dummy Information
    PrivacyKeeper also gives you the option to replace website addresses with dummy information. This way your browsing history is disguised rather than deleted. This is helpful to anyone who doesn't want to delete his browser history but still wants to safeguard his privacy.

    Real-time protection
    Get real time alerts when password credentials are saved to ensure you're the one saving them. PrivacyKeeper detects possible privacy threats in real time so they're cleaned before they can cause harm.

    Advanced User Interface
    With its fresh new feel, and user-friendly features the new PrivacyKeeper makes privacy a lot simpler. PrivacyKeeper is now available in 14 languages and includes lots of pre-built features. It allows the user to have full control combined with a rich automated system for best results and protection.

    OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32-bit / 64-bit)
    Language : Multilanguage

    Title: Uniblue PrivacyKeeper 2016 312 Premium Portable
    Size: 11.88 MB | Format: rar


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