Happy Photo Viewer 102



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    Happy Photo Viewer 102

    Post  wskins on Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:44 pm

    Happy Photo Viewer 1.0.2 | 1 Mb
    An ever increasing number of photos get stuck on computers without ever being seen, in the era of digital cameras and smart phones. Dust off your photos, and put them on your screen with 256 transition effects and background music.
    Happy Photo Viewer for Windows

    View your photos on screen with the information when and where the photos were taken. Simply point to the location of the photos, and enjoy a dynamic slideshow with 256 transition effects, which can be random, fixed, or sequential. It's up to you to decide how fast your photos are displayed in the slideshow, and how your photos are fit to screen.

    Features include,

    Show photos, pictures, images in JPEG, JPG, PNG formats.

    256 transition effects (GPU acceleration is not required).

    Slideshow ordering: random, sequential, fixed.

    Photo resize: smart fit to full screen, center, stretch/shrink, preserve aspect ratio.

    Plays your favorite music while showing photos (supported music format MP3, WAV, MIDI).

    Frame and background: show photos in a rectangle frame with background picture.

    Text on the bottom-right corner: when and where a photo was taken, and the file name.

    Resume from last photo: always remember the last photo that was displayed and resume.

    Transition timing: configurable delay between images and adjustable animation pace.

    Recursive image search and large folder support.

    Photo playback and forwarding with arrow keys.

    Auto run: start slideshow immediately after system startup.

    Happy Photo Screensaver included.

    Easy install and uninstall.

    Title: Happy Photo Viewer 102
    Size: 1.02 MB | Format: rar


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