Introduction to Game Dynamics with Unity 3D



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    Introduction to Game Dynamics with Unity 3D

    Post  wskins on Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:13 pm

    Introduction to Game Dynamics with Unity 3D
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    Learn professional game development techniques using the Unity 3D platform.

    From explosion blasts to motorcycle crashes, games are riddled with physical reactions. Find out how to trigger these events, and how to take your character movement beyond walk cycles.

    For some visuals, take this random youtube video of GTA V motorcycle crashes. How do you know when a character is supposed to react? And if you do know, how can you make it look realistic? You cant resort to some crouching position set up by an animator, theres a de facto infinite amounts of ways on how a character can get impacted. Or this MK clip. Uppercutted someone and then set up a combo to slam them back to the ground? Cant do it without dynamics.

    If you want to create games that people really love, you need to know game dynamics. In this course you will learn game dynamics from a professional game developer using the free and popular Unity 3D game development platform.

    What Is Game Dynamics?

    Game Dynamics (sometimes confused with Game Mechanics) has been difficult for the game development world to describe using words. The best definition consists of three parts in order to understand the whole idea of Game Dynamics:

    Mechanics are the formal rules of the game. The agents, objects, elements and their relationships in the game. They define the game as a rule-based system, specifying what there is, how everything behaves, and how the player can interact with the gameworld.
    Dynamics are the emergent behavior that arises from gameplay, when the Mechanics are put into use.
    Aesthetics are the emotional response from the players to the gameplay.
    More About the Course

    This course aims to give you a solid overview of how Game Dynamics can be integrated into any game you're creating, as well as how to use Unity 3D tools such as the Mecanim Animation System to achieve a dynamic game environment.
    Title: Introduction to Game Dynamics with Unity 3D
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