California 2012 SUBBED 1080p WEB -Ltu



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    California 2012 SUBBED 1080p WEB -Ltu

    Post  wskins on Wed Oct 19, 2016 1:35 pm

    California 2012 SUBBED 1080p WEB x264-Ltu | movie
    Andrius, a recent Lithuanian immigrant, is headed to California to reconnect with his older brother, Matas. After years of drifting from one place to another, Andrius has found a job as a truck driver, transporting contraband to the Pacific coast. Hoping to take advantage of the opportunity, Andrius plans to quit his job and use his savings to finally realize his own American dream in the sunny suburbs of Los Angeles. Andrius' efforts to impress his brother fall flat, until he reveals his cash savings, stuffed into a large sports bag. Matas' fraternal instincts suddenly kick in as he decides to eagerly celebrate their long-awaited reunion. Despite their best efforts, the brothers struggle to connect. They visit a traditional Christmas party at the Lithuanian Parish, where Andrius must confront the culture he left behind, years ago. The festivities continue into the early morning, with Matas leading the way. Over the course of the night, Andrius realizes his brother isn't living the ...



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