Digital Vision Loki 1010 x64



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    Digital Vision Loki 1010 x64

    Post  wskins on Sun Nov 27, 2016 1:02 pm

    Digital Vision Loki 1.010 (x64) | 384 MB
    Automation Software for web managed and unattended image processing. Loki gives access to the Digital Vision range of image processing tools, and allows for automated, web managed and unattended processing of any volume of file based material.

    What does the Loki control software do: Loki Control is used to set up the processing tasks using presets created in the Loki automation software
    The tasks are placed in a central watched folder, allowing access to multiple Loki automation clients.

    The XML Job file is created using the Loki control interface contains the following information:

    Location of the source media
    The preset that must be applied to the image files.
    Export location and export formats (resolution, file type codec etc.) Upon detection of a new job file:
    Loki Control checks that no other Loki client has started the same task.
    The task is processed
    On completion, Loki Control will check for the next available task Tasks can be monitored and created via the web interface from any location.

    What can Loki be used for:
    Automated restoration of film and video assets (Dust, scratches, drop-out, composite cross colour removal)
    File transcoding
    Transcoding engine with preprocessing (DVO Clarity noise reduction / low pass filtering)
    Stereo geometry and colour matching
    Rushes creation from digital camera files
    Advanced colourspace conversion via 3D LUTs, matrices and ACES ODTs
    Motion compensated frame rate conversion
    High quality scaling (DVO Upscale SD to HD)
    Application of LUT's to material and colour space conversion
    Geometry correction of GoPro (wide angle) material

    Home Page -
    Title: Digital Vision Loki 1010 x64
    Size: 383.85 MB | Format: rar

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