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    DVDInfoPro Elite 7604

    Post  wskins on Sun Nov 27, 2016 2:59 pm

    DVDInfoPro Elite 7.604 | 9.7 Mb
    DVDINFOPro™ is a DVD information program written in Visual Studio V2010 C for Windows XPSP2, Vista, Windows 7 and later. It provides information and useful tools for DVD media. Both DVD-R/RW and DVDR/RW types are supported. It follows in the tradition of DVDInfo, my first dvd application that was very successful. This new version is a result of listening to users criticisms, requests and suggestions, and applying this to the new version.

    This program provides information & tools for:
    - Blu-ray and HD-DVD
    - DVD-R/RW
    - DVDR/RW burners
    - DVD-R DL (Double Layer) burners
    - DVDR DL (Double Layer) burners
    - DVD-ROM players.

    DVDInfoPro also provides information on all CD players & burners.

    New features:
    Enhancments to Flash Ram Size Test & Verify
    Added more Liteon drives PIPO scanning
    Added Jitter PIPOto more Liteon iHASxxx model drives
    Added Open Log button
    Added Save Drive Features to a text file
    Added BDR-XL & BDRE-XL compatibility
    Added Drive Features and Profiles active display
    Added Save Drive report for drive information screen
    Added CPRM protection display to media info
    Added Layer count for bluray media
    Added Liteon 'iHAS' model drives for PIPO scanning
    Added current drive name to media info window
    Added new graph format '.MBG' files for MagicBurner burning program
    Program converted to Visual Studio V2010 C
    Program and Installer now digitally signed for your security
    Opened Tools & Utilties features to the trial version
    New read/write/edit hard disk sectors
    New compute MD5/SHA hashes of files, folders or disk sectors
    New buffer edit feature on the popular Send Custom Command feature
    Enhanced System Information feature with accurate cpu speed calculation
    Enhanced Compare feature with folder recursion
    New limit PIPO scan area to custom LBA markers
    New Tools & Utilities area
    And lots More...

    Home Page -

    Title: DVDInfoPro Elite 7604
    Size: 9.37 MB | Format: rar


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