FanDev CuteDCPTools 1019 for Adobe After Effects



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    FanDev CuteDCPTools 1019 for Adobe After Effects

    Post  wskins on Tue Nov 29, 2016 12:50 am

    FanDev CuteDCPTools 1.0.19 for Adobe After Effects | 6.2 MB
    CuteDCPTools - Adobe After Effects Plug-in. A toolbox for your DCPs. CuteDCPTools is an toolbox plug-in which allows users to import existing DCPs into After Effects. While imported in After Effects users can make changes.

    Users can make changes like:
    - Update the content titles for the DCP
    - Adding new reels
    - Split the DCP into reels
    - Updating audio and video tracks without doing any encodings
    - Create new compositions with language adaptions, subtitles or audio
    - Imported subtitles can be edited and re-timed.
    - Then RePackage and export the new DCP

    Feature Overview:
    - Import DCPs
    - RePackage and export the modified DCP
    - Title Helper tool
    - Import subtitles (SMPTE and Cinecanvas)
    - Export subtitles (SMPTE and Cinecanvas)

    What's New in Version 1.0.19:
    - First release of CuteDCPTools
    - UG Subtitle import crashes After Effects - FIXED
    - [FEATURE] New select folder dialog

    System Requirements:
    - Adobe After Effects CS6 or later
    - Windows Windows 7 ,Windows 8, Windows 10

    OS - Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10)
    Home Page -

    (For Any Issues or Dead Links PM Me With Topic Link)
    Title: FanDev CuteDCPTools 1019 for Adobe After Effects
    Size: 5.59 MB | Format: rar

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