Panolapse 125 WinMac



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    Panolapse 125 WinMac

    Post  wskins on Tue Nov 29, 2016 5:37 am

    Panolapse 1.25 (Win/Mac) | 150.2 MB
    Panolapse is a tool for adding rotational panning motion to time-lapse images and videos. There are a few ways to create movement in time-lapse sequences. Some people mount the camera on a motorized track that slides, or a motorized head that rotates, or both. These systems are often heavy, fragile, and restrictive. Another approach uses standard video-editing software to digitally crop into a scene and slide the viewing window around. This approach can be helpful, but since it doesn't correct for changes in perspective, the resulting video can appear flat and unnatural.
    Panolapse's movements are real-world accurate, allowing for natural panning motion. It cannot add sliding movement like a dolly on a rail, but it can add rotational head movement. Panolapse works best with wide-angle lenses, including fisheye lenses, allowing you to pan up to 180 degrees in two axis.

    Language : English

    Title: Panolapse 125 WinMac
    Size: 150.34 MB | Format: rar

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