PDFTron PDFNet SDK Ultimate 6.4.1



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    PDFTron PDFNet SDK Ultimate 6.4.1

    Post  sonaslannn on Wed May 13, 2015 6:06 pm

    PDFTron PDFNet SDK Ultimate 6.4.1 | 60.58 MB

    PDFNet SDK is an industry-leading, high-quality document solution powering mobile, server, desktop, web, and cloud-based apps. Using the PDFNet PDF library, developers can create powerful PDF solutions that can convert, generate, manipulate, optimize, print, view, and markup PDF documents without any third-party software dependencies.
    With the consistent and uniform API developers can build reliable & speedy commercial applications that can view, create, print, edit, and annotate PDFs ... regardless of the operating system (i.e. Windows, Android, iOS, Windows Store, Linux, or Mac) or language/platform (.NET/WPF, JAVA, C/C++, Objective-C, Windows App Store, PHP, Ruby, Python).

    PDFNet enables seamless integration, accurate and compliant support of the PDF specification, and offers unparalleled functionality, reliability, and speed. PDFNet is unmatched in its consistent and dependable support for various platforms and programming languages. The toolkit hides much of its complexity behind an elegant and easy-to-use API that can be uniformly accessed from any language.

    Developers use PDFNet SDK to read, write, and edit PDF documents compatible with all published versions of PDF specification (including the latest ISO32000). Some of the common use-case scenarios of the PDF library include:

    Available as Part of the PDFNet Core SDK:
    - PDF Viewing
    - PDF Annotations, bookmarks, and links
    - PDF Rasterization
    - PDF Printing
    - PDF Form filling and flattening
    - PDF file Split & Merge
    - PDF Stamping
    - Dynamic PDF generation
    - PDF Text extraction, searching, and indexing
    - PDF Package / Portfolio
    - PDF Layers (OCGs)
    - PDF Editing
    - PDF Security and Encryption
    - PDF Digital Signatures
    - PDF Metadata access
    - Full List of Core Features

    Available through PDFNet SDK Add-ons:
    - PDF Conversion from MS Office, XPS, HTML, XAML, TXT, TIFF etc.
    - PDF conversion to XML, HTML, XPS, SVG, TIF, etc.
    - HTML to PDF Conversion
    - PDF Optimization
    - PDF Flattening
    - PDF Redaction
    - PDF/A Validation and Conversion





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