TaskPaper 3 332 Mac OSX



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    TaskPaper 3 332 Mac OSX

    Post  wskins on Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:04 am

    TaskPaper 3 3.3.2 | MacOSX | 3 MB
    Make lists and get organized. TaskPaper is a plain text to-do list that's surprisingly adept. Thoroughly modernized. TaskPaper 3 is all new, while still retaining the same plain text design that's been getting things done since 2006.

    New in TaskPaper 3
    All new app
    More powerful searches
    Flexible and unique folding interface
    More powerful text editor and outliner
    Saved searches; one click away in sidebar
    Relative date and time based searches
    LESS/CSS powered themes
    Extensive javascript API

    Key Features
    Plain text files; edit anywhere
    Type and your lists are auto formatted
    Projects:, - tasks, notes, and @tags
    Text editor speed with outliner power
    Lists within lists within lists...
    Fold, focus, and filter to make big list small
    Drag and drop to organize your list
    Fully scriptable and themable
    Getting things done since 2006

    What's New in Version 3.3.2
    Bug Fixes
    Disabled dragging the root item from the sidebar
    Disabled dragging items into the outline view when it is empty
    Fixed error when dragging into the sidebar when outline view is empty

    I've slowed TaskPaper's release schedule to work on some larger changes that I hope will make TaskPaper more useful in the long term.

    First, I've just finished restructuring TaskPaper's code so that I'm able to open source the model layer (see links below). This makes it possible for other scripters and developers to process TaskPaper files on macOS, iOS, and anywhere else where there's javascript.

    Second, I'm now in the process of updating the user interface code to use Apple's new Swift programming language. This will put TaskPaper on a better foundation to keep up with whatever changes Apple brings in the future. It's also giving/forcing me to look through every line of code and fix all the dumb stuff that I did! I'm still a ways from done, but I'm making good progress.

    OS - MacOSX 10.10 or Later
    Home Page -

    (For Any Issues or Dead Links PM Me With Topic Link)
    Title: TaskPaper 3 332 Mac OSX
    Size: 3.8 MB | Format: rar


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