VeprIT Resize Sense 221 Mac OSX



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    VeprIT Resize Sense 221 Mac OSX

    Post  wskins on Tue Dec 20, 2016 2:15 am

    VeprIT Resize Sense 2.2.1 | MacOSX | 10.62 MB
    Eliminate hours of tedious work needed to resize, crop, straighten, rotate, flip, and rename many images! Edit IPTC and even EXIF metadata in multiple images at a time. Whether you have strict size requirements for a web / graphics design project, or just wish to make many pictures smaller for social media or e-mail, Resize Sense will get the job done quickly and easily. Save your settings as presets, and next times it will take even less time!

    Just an example. You can easily resize hundreds of images, each one to several different sizes, and save every size in its own image format, with its own filename pattern. All this in a single batch operation, in a few minutes! However, you do not need to perform complex automation to enjoy the unique flexibility offered by Resize Sense. You will also feel it when doing casual image processing.

    Resize Sense handles any resizing and cropping need with ease:
    Define the exact required dimensions
    Fit the original image inside a box
    Specify the longest or shortest edge
    Define the required megapixel count
    Limit the output file size in bytes
    Only crop without resizing

    Resize Sense lets you decide what to do if the image aspect ratio changes: crop, deform, or add borders. And if the image is too small for the requested size: enlarge, extend the canvas, keep the original, or skip this image.

    Resize Sense makes it possible to combine batch operation with manual cropping and straightening. Crop and straighten any image manually, and the cropped part will be resized as required. Everything in a single operation! Most other bulk resizers would, at best, allow to align the crop rectangle automatically, without any manual control. Moreover, with Resize Sense you can synchronize the crop & straighten settings between images, making it possible to bulk-crop many images manually!

    - Resize Sense provides a live final image preview. See immediately how the final image looks after cropping, extending with borders, distorting, etc.
    - You never need to enter the same configuration twice! Just save your size configurations, as well as export settings, as presets.
    - Resize Sense offers a great export control. Replicate the original directory structure, use image information such as size and metadata in the generated filenames, etc.

    What's New in Version 2.2.1:
    Option to preserve the output file creation date in exported images
    Increase the image edge size limit from 20K to 30K pixels
    Fix a crash that sometimes happened when configuring export options

    OS - MacOSX 10.10 or Later
    Home Page -

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    Title: VeprIT Resize Sense 221 Mac OSX
    Size: 7.77 MB | Format: rar

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