TaskPaper 351 Mac OSX



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    TaskPaper 351 Mac OSX

    Post  wskins on Tue Dec 20, 2016 5:04 am

    TaskPaper 3.5.1 | MacOSX | 8.12 MB
    Make lists and get organized. TaskPaper is a plain text to-do list that's surprisingly adept. Outliners are powerful, but hard to use. Text editors are easy, but without structure. TaskPaper feels like a text editor, but has the power of an outliner.

    Plain text
    Keyboard friendly. Type your lists into TaskPaper and each line is formatted into a project, task, or note.

    Outliner power
    Fold, focus, and filter to cut big lists down to size. Use saved searches to quickly filter the items in your lists.

    No locks
    TaskPaper files are future proof. Edit them in any text editor or use one of the many TaskPaper compatible apps created by other developers.

    No limits
    TaskPaper doesn't force a particular system on you; it provides basic list elements to use as you see fit. Go beyond with scripts and themes.

    TaskPaper 3
    - All new modernized app
    - Flexible and unique folding UI
    - More powerful outliner and text editor
    - Saved searches; one click away in sidebar
    - Relative date and time based searches
    - More powerful hierarchical searches
    - LESS/CSS powered themes
    - Extensive javascript API

    Key Features
    - Plain text files; edit anywhere
    - Type and your lists are auto formatted
    - Projects:, - tasks, notes, and @tags
    - Text editor speed with outliner power
    - Lists within lists within lists...
    - Fold, focus, and filter to make big list small
    - Drag and drop to organize your list
    - Fully scriptable and themable

    What's New Version 3.5.1:
    New Icon, thanks @sdw!
    New Code, rewrote native layer in Swift 3
    New Requirements, now requires OS X 10.11 or later

    Added Projects, Searches, and Tags sections
    Ability to Show/Hide sidebar sections
    Ability to Expand/Collapse Individual Projects
    Double-click on project in sidebar to "hoist", show only it's descendants
    Tags configuration file, allowing you to choose tags shown/hidden in the sidebar
    Searches configuration file, allowing you to choose searches shown in the sidebar
    Context menu (and main menu) items for creating, editing, and deleting saved searches
    Saved searches may be embedded in current document, or saved separately

    Larger, can more easily display complex searches
    Only shows when active (preference to change this behavior)
    Attention getting, you should never miss the fact that a search is active (changeable in stylesheet)
    Much faster search results in large documents with complex search logic

    New Palettes UI, faster keyboard navigation
    Replaced "Go to" popup menu's with new palette UI
    Added "Go to Anything" Palette
    Added "Command palette" with ability to add your own script commands
    Changed keyboard shortcuts so all palettes use a form of Command-P

    Ability to open multiple windows (or tabs on macOS 10.12) on a single document
    Added "Open in New Window" popup item for sidebar items
    Added "Open in New Tab" popup item for sidebar items (macOS 10.12)
    Reorganized menu items to better fit macOS 10.12's "Show Tab Bar" item

    Ability to switch between stylesheets
    Each window can now have a different (Window > Style) style
    Printing panel has it's own separate stylesheet setting
    Renamed `display` span stylesheet attribute to `content`
    New options including text wrap and typewriter scrolling (see user's guide for details)

    Added Allow delete backward to un-indent items preference
    Added Preference to maintain search when select project changes
    Added Preference to maintain project when select search changes in sidebar
    Added scripting API to get all OutlineEditors associated with a given outline
    Removed many "New Document" preferences (spelling, etc), those settings now apply to all documents
    Changed direct download bundle ID to avoid conflicts with app store version
    Direct download version recognizes App Store licenses (must run App Store version once first)
    Improved folded state persistence in documents that are edited outside TaskPaper
    Improved Drawing of split cursor text insertion point
    Changed default font to system reported "user font"
    Fixed file and icon associations

    Requirements: Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.11 or later
    Home Page -
    Title: TaskPaper 351 Mac OSX
    Size: 8.13 MB | Format: rar


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