Movavi System Cleaner Antivirus 10 Multilingual Mac OSX



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    Movavi System Cleaner Antivirus 10 Multilingual Mac OSX

    Post  wskins on Tue Dec 20, 2016 5:08 am

    Movavi System Cleaner & Antivirus 1.0 Multilingual | MacOSX | 153.4 MB
    System Cleaner & Antivirus Movavi is a powerful yet user-friendly application for OS X systems that will speed up your Mac and protect it against a whole range of cyberthreats. When computers start running slowly, it's often because the hard drive gets clogged up with unnecessary files that users don't even know exist. System Cleaner & Antivirus Movavi can track down these files and remove them in a flash, freeing up space and improving the overall performance of your Mac.
    What's more, System Cleaner & Antivirus Movavi is a great way to protect your computer against internet threats. With the powerful antivirus tool, you can thoroughly scan your system and easily get rid of infected files. Plus, the program is really easy to use thanks to its simple, streamlined

    System Cleaner & Antivirus Movavi gives you a wide array of tools to help take care of your Mac:

    System Cleanup
    Safely remove cache and log files that are wasting space on your hard drive.

    Trash Cleanup
    Reclaim free disk space by removing files in the Trash.

    Disk Usage
    Scan your hard drive to see which folders take up the most space.

    Duplicates Finder
    Track down and delete identical versions of files taking up space on your Mac.

    Large Files Scanner
    Clear out gigabytes of space in one fell swoop by removing overweight, long-forgotten files - give your computer more room to breathe.

    Completely remove both user-installed and default OS X applications (Mail, Safari, Chess, etc.). Clean up any files left over from previously uninstalled programs.

    Memory Cleanup
    Give your Mac a significant performance boost by clearing out the clutter from your system's memory.

    Protect your privacy by removing files with confidential data for good.

    Protect your computer from network attacks by customizing the rules for inbound traffic.

    Use the built-in antivirus protection to protect your computer against malware.

    Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or later
    Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
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    Title: Movavi System Cleaner Antivirus 10 Multilingual Mac OSX
    Size: 153.43 MB | Format: rar

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