KeyCue v83 Mac OSX



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    KeyCue v83 Mac OSX

    Post  wskins on Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:19 am

    KeyCue v8.3 macOS | 6 MB
    KeyCue helps you to use your macOS applications more effectively by displaying a concise table of all currently available menu shortcuts. You no longer need to memorize and remember key combinations; just press the command key and KeyCue tells you what you want to know. Over time, you will automatically remember frequently used shortcuts and start working more efficiently.

    KeyCue gives you an instant overview of the overall functionality of any application, plus lets you automatically start working more efficiently by making use of menu shortcuts.

    - Get an instant overview of all shortcuts in any application.
    - Flexible triggers and actions
    - Quickly access frequently used URLs
    - Themes for customizing the appearance of the shortcut table
    - Search for commands and shortcuts
    - User-definable custom shortcut descriptions reveal hidden keyboard shortcuts.
    - Omit known shortcuts to keep the table small.
    - Accessible via menu bar icon.
    - Clickable shortcuts let you execute any shortcut instantly by clicking it.
    - System-wide hotkeys made visible.
    - Legend for keyboard symbols.
    - Instant access to the KeyCue settings and the search feature by means of extra keyboard shortcuts.
    - Open interface for 3rd party applications.
    - Display and insert Typinator snippets.
    - Integration with PopChar X lets you display and insert special characters.
    - Show Keyboard Maestro, QuicKeys, and iKey shortcuts.
    - Several options for adapting the behavior and appearance of KeyCue to your liking.
    Title: KeyCue v83 Mac OSX
    Size: 5.83 MB | Format: rar

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