Autopack iDesign Plus.6.1.7



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    Autopack iDesign Plus.6.1.7

    Post  sonaslannn on Sat May 16, 2015 3:42 pm

    Autopack iDesign Plus 6.1.7 | 107 Mb

    With this powerful software, you can have a total integrated environment which enables you to produce consistently greal looks card after card.

    Lite, the entry level, addresses the basic card design, with rich features, exceptional ease of use and a very short learning curve at the lowest price on the market.

    Xpress, addresses low cost card production by means of data import and Network Print Server addition.

    Plus, brings you the power of database management, including photo ID management over database and the multiple layouts on one card document, making it the perfect tool for most of identification needs with a moderate cost

    iDesign Plus

    *iDesign Lite & Xpress Features.
    *With full database connectivity including MS-SQL and Oracle via ODBC and OLE.
    *Data connection through Access database.
    *Photo on database record.
    *Freewill to create your database.


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