Tenorshare Fix Genius Build 1887 BootCD



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    Tenorshare Fix Genius Build 1887 BootCD

    Post  sonaslannn on Thu May 28, 2015 6:05 pm

    Tenorshare Fix Genius Build 1887 BootCD | 235 MB

    Tenorshare Fix Genius combines a superb selection of system utilities along with an assortment of capabilities in an easy-to-use interface: Fix all booting issues like blue/black screen, repair crashed or corrupted Windows, boot your computer from CD/DVD/USB, recover lost data, partition or clone disk, find lost Windows password & Office product key, over 40+ utilities in total.

    Main Features:
    - Fix all booting problems: Blue/black screen, crash, freeze, etc.
    - Repair corrupted Windows system.
    - Recover data and files from a crashed hard drive.
    - Permanently erase specific files & folders or entire partition.
    - Supports the latest Windows 8.1 ,Windows 8 ,Windows Server 2012.

    Fix All Computer Errors
    - Fix all common booting issues, like Blue Screen of Death, Black Screen of Death, freezes, and crashes.
    - It repairs computer that keeps rebooting or won't boot at all.
    - Recover missing boot sector when you are encountering "NTLDR is Missing", "BOOTMGR is Missing" etc.
    - Repair crashed MBR, corrupt registry, virus-infected registry key value and partition table.

    Backup and Restore Hard Drive
    - Before Windows repair, you are suggested to ghost your computer in case of data loss.
    - Back up your system, applications, settings, and important files before a hard drive actually crashes.
    - Quickly restore your system after a computer a crash without reinstalling Windows OS.
    - Have a perfect copy of everything that is on your hard drive when you need to clone your old drive to a new, bigger drive.

    Recover Lost Data from Crashed Hard Drive
    - Rescue data from crashed Windows system.
    - Recover files from hard drive that is formatted, corrupted or crashed.
    - Transfer precious files including photos, music, videos and documents to external storage devices if your hard drive got damaged.

    Boot up Computer from CD/DVD USB
    - Start your computer when you can't enter your Windows, or you don't need to work under boot environment.
    - Provides multiple boot disk options: Burn a bootable CD, DVD or USB and boot your computer from it.

    Recover Passwords & Product Keys
    - Recover lost Windows local/domain administrator/user passwords on any Windows version: Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2012/2008(R2) and etc.
    - If you're preparing to reinstall Windows, find Windows product key, Office product key, SQL server Key for further use.

    Wipe Sensitive Data beyond Recovery
    - Wipe a specific partition for clean install of software or Windows.
    - Permanently delete your sensitive folder from your PC.
    - Remove virus file when your computer is infected with boot sector virus.
    - Wipe any data before you donated or sold your computer.
    - All data wiped is beyond recovery with any data recovery software.

    What's new in Tenorshare Fix Genius
    - May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.




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