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    Atomic Mail Sender 8690161

    Post  wskins on Fri Aug 21, 2015 10:43 am

    Atomic Mail Sender Multilingual | 45.1 MB
    Atomic Mail Sender is first and foremost a newsletter software, which means it has all the required tools and facilities for sending email newsletters in the most efficient way. Of course, you can send any types of emails: announcements, promotional emails, notifications, as long as you have a list of recipients. Our software is designed to get your emails through no matter what.
    Unlimited email lists

    It is possible to import mailing list (Recipients -> Recipients List -> Import) as follows:

    from file (.csv, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, .mdb, .accdb)
    from database DBF
    from the clipboard
    from Outlook Address Book
    from other Atomic programs for collecting e-mail addresses from the Internet, local files, newsgroups and whois databases.
    new created mailing lists

    Our newsletter software has no limitations on the length of your email lists - only sky is the limit.

    SMTP-server availability

    The software allows three SMTP-server types: built-in, external and partner. SMTP Wizard (SMTP Wizard button) helps you to choose and customize SMTP server for mail delivery.

    built-in SMTP
    Built-in SMTP-server has been already fixed into the program. It helps to send e-mail messages directly bypassing the go-between SMTP servers and increase the delivery speed maximally. But it is possible only when your provider does not forbid direct sending. Otherwise you have to customize your own SMTP-server or choose the partner one.

    external SMTP servers
    If the direct mailing cannot be done or is forbidden, our newsletter software sends e-mail messages via external SMTP servers. These are user customized SMTP-servers. Finding external SMTP server is the most important task for the user. After going through these steps the program will use external SMTP for mail delivering. The number of external SMTP-servers is unlimited and the multithread delivery improves the sending speed.

    partner SMTP-server (recommended for usage)
    If it is too difficult for you to find and customize external SMTP-server, and the direct delivery is impossible, then probably the only easy way is to use our SMTP server. Atomic Mail Sender is integrated with Atomic SMTP. Click here to learn more about our SMTP service.

    We insist on setting SMTP rotation to improve mail sending speed. Specify the allowed number of e-mail messages for an active server and the multithread-sending.

    Proxy servers

    Like any other newsletter software, Atomic Mail Sender can send e-mail messages by using proxy servers. The program supports Socks 4, Socks 4A and Socks 5 proxy servers. By using proxy rotation you specify incremental sending settings via several SMTP servers.

    Besides, the program checks the status of proxy servers and deletes dead ones automatically before starting the delivery.

    OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
    Language : Multilingual

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    Title: Atomic Mail Sender 8690161
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