Cresset Torch 1042 x64



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    Cresset Torch 1042 x64

    Post  wskins on Mon Dec 07, 2015 5:25 pm

    Cresset Torch 10.4.2 (x64) | 36 MB
    Torch is a powerful molecular design tool for medicinal and synthetic chemists. It gives you a 'protein's eye view' of your compounds and SAR data. Torch makes it easy to explore and prioritize lead optimization ideas so you can design the best library or the best next molecular for synthesis.
    Use Torch to:
    Assess the biological impact of chemical changes
    Understand the causes of activity across a series and perfect the design of new compounds
    Efficiently communicate your ideas and results
    Rapidly navigate complex SAR, highlighting key activity changes
    Study the physico-chemical profiles of your compounds and how these vary with activity
    Design new molecules with the best balance of properties for your project.
    Title: Cresset Torch 1042 x64
    Size: 34.37 MB | Format: rar

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