Scream Park 2012 -EiDER



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    Scream Park 2012 -EiDER

    Post  wskins on Fri May 06, 2016 11:50 am

    Scream Park 2012 BDRip x264-EiDER |547.17 MB

    Scream Park (2015) |Horror
    Fright Land amusement park is closing down for the last time. Lack of business and interest have lead to poor sales and no profit. The park's owner, Mr. Hyde (played by Doug Bradley) devises a scheme to sell tickets once again. He hires two backwoods Appalachian men to break into the park after hours and gruesomely dispatch the park's employees. Hyde believes the murders will create a media sensation for the park. People will buy tickets once again just to see where it all happened. Once it's done, they can even begin to sell souvenirs and theme rides based on the murders.



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