Diamond Cut Forensics10 Audio Laboratory 1002



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    Diamond Cut Forensics10 Audio Laboratory 1002

    Post  wskins on Sat May 21, 2016 11:42 pm

    Diamond Cut Forensics10 Audio Laboratory 10.02 | 48.5 MB
    The field of Forensics Audio is complex from manyperspectives. The software programs required to address the needs in this field are quite complex in terms of the science and terminology involved. It is also complex in terms of the experience required to obtain the desired results. So, in a sense, Forensics Audio is both a science and an art-form. Diamond Cut Productions, Inc. is pleased to announce their latest offering in this field called DCForensics10 Audio Laboratory which combines both the Science and Art of Forensics Audio.
    DCForensics10 not only adds many new tools to the legacy product line, but focuses on ease of use. A new Graphical User Interface provides a very intuitive way to interact with the power of the classic Diamond Cut Forensics Filters and Analysis Suites. A new set of task panes steers the user to the correct solution based on their forensics audio goal or task. Additionally, it incorporates many new descriptive presets for the various filters. Tasks that may have been difficult to accomplish in the past are now easily approachable with new features (e.g. the Whisper Enhancer).

    - Surveillance Audio Recording
    - Forensics Audio Authentication, Voice-Printing, & Formant Analysis
    - File Transcription / Time Expansion / Speed and/or Pitch Change
    - Audio Restoration & Enhancement
    - Audio Editing & Voice Garbling / Voice Disguising
    - Audio & Acoustical Measurements
    - Audio File Format Conversions
    - Statistical Measurement Tools
    And, much more . . .

    New Forensics Features
    - Forensics Audio Whisper Enhancer Filter (including 15 factory presets)
    - Spectral Frequency Tracking to aid in Audio Authentication
    - Audio Statistics Feature (Peak, RMS, Avg, pk-pk...)
    - Auto "Remove Silence" function for easier transcription of long surveillance files.
    - Forensics Histogram vs Time display added for analyzing entire files in a histogram domain.
    - Comparative Histogram allows comparison of statistical distribution of two areas of a file.
    - Subsonic Explorer feature to help find sub-audible events
    - Set a file Time offset for tracking time in multipart files.
    - Direct Access to the Adaptive Frequency Domain Filter (AFDF)

    OS : Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
    Language : English

    Title: Diamond Cut Forensics10 Audio Laboratory 1002
    Size: 47.38 MB | Format: rar


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