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    BackupChain 24561

    Post  wskins on Sun Jun 19, 2016 1:50 pm

    BackupChain 2.4.561 for Windows Servers and Workstations Edition | 15.1 MB
    BackupChain is a simple to use, yet powerful backup software made for IT professionals. It is a fully automatic and configurable solution that offers file version differencing, deduplication and delta compression. Furthermore, BackupChain offers Hyper-V virtual machine backup and database protection, as well as a strong multithreaded engine for parallel processing. Files, databases, and virtual machines can be easily copied to network servers, USB, iSCSI, local drives, and FTР.
    Extensive, reliable Virtual Machine Backup Features (Hyper-V Backup, VMware Backup, VirtualBox Backup)
    Granular Backup & Granular Restore Features
    Configurable data backup processing, filtering, file versioning (version backup, and parallelization options
    Powerful Server Backup Features, such as Deduplication, also available in PC version
    Remote and Cloud Backup Built-in (See our cloud backup plans); Or build your own DIY cloud using BackupChain's FTP server and DriveMaker
    Enterprise backup logging and stability
    See why our customers praise BackupChain

    Powerful Server Features
    Change detection: BackupChain scans and tracks changed blocks inside files. The difference is compressed and stored as an increment or differential delta file
    Block-based incremental deltas can be used to store hundreds of file changes. This is especially useful when backing up databases and VMs
    Back up databases and virtual machines live. There is no need to stop or pause VMs. This applies to all VSS-aware services on your system.
    Fast compression and handling of very large files (terabytes)
    BackupChain preserves and backs up long file and path names (up to 32768 characters), with or without ZIP compression
    Unicode and international letters in file names are supported
    eSATA and USB external hard drives may be rotated as you like without configuration changes
    Cluster Shared Volumes are supported on all Server Editions
    Your license includes a one or two year software update subscription plan and unlimited tech support incidents.
    Simultaneous file backups within each task are possible. Moreover, tasks can be scheduled to run simultaneously.
    Deduplication can be configured to use several CPU cores simultaneously for better speed

    Set up Your Own Secure Cloud
    Connect your offices together and back up one site to the other; securely and without cloud fees.
    Back up your files over the Internet to any other PC or server running BackupChain using deduplication (only file changes are transmitted)
    Send your office data to your home office and vice-versa.
    Synchronize server files at several office sites.
    Protect data and transmissions using military-strength encryption (FIPS, HIPAA compliant).

    File Retention and File Version Backup
    For each type of file you can set up different retention plans
    Compress each file type the way you want (ZIP, deduplication, plain copy, etc.)
    Exclude files and folders using a wide range of filters

    Process Locked / Open Files
    BackupChain uses VSS to obtain application and crash-consistent backups of locked files
    Database servers can be backed up while running (Microsoft SQL, etc.)
    Virtual machines are backed up without a pause on Hyper-V, VMware, VirtualBox, and Virtual PC

    OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32/64-bit)
    Language : English

    Title: BackupChain 24561
    Size: 14.87 MB | Format: rar

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