Office 365 Backup 10



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    Office 365 Backup 10

    Post  wskins on Tue Jun 21, 2016 8:47 am

    Office 365 Backup 1.0 | 16.1 Mb
    Even though major companies assure you that data stored online is secure and cannot be lost accidentally, it always helps to be prepared for such an eventuality. Office 365 Backup Pro is a very simple application that can help you download data from your Office 365 mailbox and convert it to various formats. You can view how many messages are saved in each folder and extract only the ones you are interested in.
    Straightforward, novice-friendly utility
    Whenever you want to download and backup data from the could, you only need to follow a series of very simple steps.
    First, you are required to provide your account credentials so that the application can access the data stored in your mailbox.
    Next, you can analyze the contained folders to see how many messages are stored in each of them, and then specify which one should be extracted. You can also backup your entire mailbox, but it is not possible to select multiple folders.
    Export emails to multiple file formats
    Of course, you may also wish to open the downloaded messages in various other mail clients. To this end, you can select one of the available output formats, depending on the application used to import them.
    For example, you can save them to PST or MSG if you want them to be compatible with Microsoft Outlook and MBOX or EML if you wish to open them with Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird or WLM.

    Simple program that does not offer any documentation
    While it is certainly very easy to use, it would have been great if Office 365 Backup Pro provided at least a basic manual. Downloading messages is simple enough, but some users may not know which file format they should use when exporting data.
    All in all, Office 365 Backup Pro is a useful program that can help you backup data stored in the cloud. It is fairly intuitive and can export messages to multiple file formats.

    Title: Office 365 Backup 10
    Size: 15.64 MB | Format: rar

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